D90 MQA version V1.23 firmware update

This firmware is only for D90 MQA version. This firmware fixes the problem of D90 MQA version while playing DSD256 on MAC. If firmware of your D90 MQA version already V1.23, then you needn't do this update. Standard version of D90 do not have this problem so you needn't do this update either.


Please noted that standard version D90 is not able to add MQA support by this firmware, flasing this firmware to standard version of D90 may caused irreversible damage. So if your D90 is a standard version, please DO NOT try this firmware.


The update requires a Windows 10 OS with V4.82 drivers installed. V4.82 drivers could be download here.


If you have questions about the upgrade of your D90 MQA version, please contact us before updating this firmware.


Download here

2020-05-22 11:31